Distribution is The Final Stage..to Publishing!


The final stage in publication involves making the product available to the public, usually by offering it for sale. In previous centuries, authors frequently also acted as their own editor, printer, and bookseller, but these functions have become separated. Once a book, newspaper, or another publication is printed, the publisher may use a variety of channels to distribute it. Books are most commonly sold through booksellers and through other retailers. Newspapers and magazines are typically sold in advance directly by the publisher to subscribers, and then distributed either through the postal system or by newspaper carriers. Periodicals are also frequently sold through newsagents and vending machines.
Within the book industry, printers often fly some copies of the finished book to publishers as sample copies to aid sales or to be sent out for pre-release reviews. The remaining books often travel from the printing facility via sea freight. Accordingly, the delay between the approval of the pre-press proof and the arrival of books in a warehouse, much less in a retail store, can take some months. For books that tie into movie release-dates (particularly for children's films), publishers will arrange books to arrive in store up to two months prior to the movie release to build interest in the movie.

.......One more move like this and I'll scream.......Part 1

Today was the first day of school for Sheila Whittington at High Shoe Middle where she absolutely hated it right away. 
She was physically tired and did not want to be there at all that day. "If I would have jumped out of the U-Haul moving truck that
my mother rented and was driving for the move two weeks ago, I would be dead right now and at least not here, she whispered to herself".
When her first period teacher Mrs.Bucklet called attendance
"Ms.Whittington;Are you present"? Sheila rolled her eyes and slammed her head on top of her Algebra book as she let out
a very unpleasant roar "Yes, I'm here". Sheila then peeked up through her arm and the math book to see who was looking back at her as she had become 
embarrassed at the squeak of her own voice. No one had paid any attention to her because the other students were talking
,dancing and some were even fighting & falling over desk. That was routine for this class before the last morning bell rang.
The city of New York was an extremely long way from all Sheila had ever known. Her friends, relatives and smelly old 
farmhouse were all back in Virginia. "I miss everything about Virginia right now, Sheila said". The loud city cars and busy streets of
New York were making the hairs on the nape of her neck feel too much like tiny insects were trying to scheme past 
her oily skin and live underneath it; the way nets would do the fur of wild animals during the hottest months of summer.
Sheela could not help but speak out loud about what she had detested so much in that very moment causing the abrupt attention
of over 20 students as she did it. "I'm tired, I want to go back to my infested old apartment and sleep, now, Sheila shouted". 
The apartment where she stayed with her mother and baby brother 
made creepy noises at night that sounded like small puppies running through the halls from the kitchen & bathroom back to the living room and this very much freaked her out because her family didn't pack any puppies. During the very first week, she spent living like a newyorker in that apartment, she slept 
with her baby brother in his toddler bed.
Judging from the measly hour of sleep she had gotten the night before, the cramps in her shoulders from the baby bed and the headache that was rising
; Mrs.Bucklet's algebra class was going to be her worst nightmare ever. 
Sheila didn't know anyone in school yet because she had not been there longer than an hour and didn't at all care about it either.
Sheila heard very bad things about High Shoe Middle before she arrived there and was not too sure that she even wanted to make
friends with anyone at all.
She had heard rumors like the teachers turning into werewolves after the first bell rang and chasing students through the hallways 
trying to suck blood from their veins through their noses. 
Sheila had also heard things like the vice principal forcing students to stand on their heads while they ate lunch in the 
cafeteria and, if they had refused to do this that they would not eat for the remainder of the semester and starve. Sheila tried
everything that she could think of to stay with relatives back in Virginia prior to her move to the big apple but nothing seemed to work. 
She and her mother moved from Virginia two weeks before the new school year started and by now it seemed like an eternity.
Sheila did not want to leave all of her friends behind from fear that she would never
see them again ever. Especially her best friend Frederick Bootblack, oh how she missed him so
much right now. He would be making her laugh if he knew how sad she was. This is where things would get interesting because what Sheila didn't know was about to blow her mind. Her long time buddy Frederick aka Freddie B. was well on his way to New York, New York to visit his nanna and sister who both lived there.

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